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AB Extension Pack - right click extensions for Avant Browser

Website - Freeware

reviewed by StevenBurn, comments from ClifNotes, Dec 2005



Notes from Clif

I have used Avant Browser before and it's a great way to get the most out of your web surfing. Steven has developed a set of right click (context menu) extensions that add another dimension to surfing with Avant. If you need a powerful, IE based tabbed browser, be sure to try Avant and Steven's extensions. Just keep in mind that whenever you surf with IE (Intenet Explorer) or an IE based browser, you should follow these security recommendations from TeMerc.


Description from author Steven Burn

The AB Extension Pack is a collection of extensions written for Avant Browser that provide added functionality to an already wonderful browser shell. The extensions available can all be used from the browsers right click context menu and where applicable, are also available from the favourites.


Extensions currently include webpage and text translation, search/meta search engine lookup, dictionary/encyclopedia lookup, domain verification, referer verification along with our sURL, vURL, Multi-Search services and much more, with new extensions being added on an on-going basis.


For an upto date list of included extensions, please see the AB Extension Pack FAQ



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About Avant Browser from Steven Burn of Ur I.T. Mate

Listening to Iron Maiden this afternoon, I heard "Journeyman" and a phrase within the song jumped out at me - "I know what I want, I'll say what I want and no-one can take it away". This very phrase sums up my feeling towards Avant Browser, having tried almost all of the "IE" and Gecko shells available, I have found I know what I want, and have only found what I want in a browser shell, in Avant Browser.

see Steven's full review of Avant Browser